Creepypasta de minecraft herobrine loquendo

But I had heard the Herobrine stories and that gave my favorite obsession a dangerous allure. Herobrine was supposedly a standard block figure with a blue top, black hair and whites in his eyes that was said to appear in various places on the Minecraft server, only to disappear as quickly as he appeared. Minutos después, a el chico le llegó un correo a su bandeja de entrada y obviamente fue del señor notch. El mensaje fue muy corto y muy simple: Si, yo conocí a Herobrine y si el fue mi hermano, pero el murió hace muchos años. Su cuenta de minecraft fue cerrada . Warning Some descriptions of blood and violence in this story It was a cold snowy day and I was home from school with a cold. With a warm red blanket wrapped around me I decided to get up and play Minecraft on my laptop. I opened the metallic black laptop and logged in. I was about to start.

Creepypasta de minecraft herobrine loquendo

Mar 03,  · The Minecraft creepypasta is a story about a strange and ghostly character named Herobrine who is said to appear in the Minecraft game. I had recently spawned a new world in single-player Minecraft. Everything was normal at first as I began chopping down trees and . Here is the story of Herobrine: It was the night of October 24th, A little boy named Jonathon was playing Minecraft. He was on the Mineplex Teamspeak talking to 1 person. The person was telling him how to said he saw Herobrine in his world. Then he tried . DISCLAIMER NONE OF THIS IS REAL THIS IS ALL A CREEPYPASTA AND ITS NOT MEANT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY SO DON'T WORRY YOUR LITTLE FACES D I decided to load up a new world of Minecraft. It was and still is my favorite game I remember buying the game and playing it the whole day. From when I got it at. [Minecraft] La leyenda de Herobrine Recientemente, creé un mundo nuevo en el modo de un jugador de Minecraft. Todo parecía normal al principio, así que comencé a cortar árboles y fabricar mi mesa de. Tened en cuenta que está basado en el juego y no en la creepypasta ya que herobrine SÍ existió, en una alpha, sólo que los testers decían que causaba problemas y se decidió borrarlo. Bueno, empecemos con la creepy: No era nuevo en el juego, de hecho, hacia un año que lo había comprado.

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Loquendo - Creepypasta - Herobrine, time: 5:52
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